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London Attractions

September 28th, 2022

London,Guest Posting however prim and proper in perception, is far from doddering, since a huge 47.3 percent of its 7.5 million population is aged between 16 and 44, with one in five residents from an ethnic minority. Little wonder that more than 200 languages are spoken here, with the café culture encompassing cuisines from more than 70 countries in some 6,000 restaurants and 5,000 pubs and bars. With 30-plus historic gardens and 123 historic buildings, London also has more than 200 museums, 600 cinema screens, and 108 music halls. Within an hour of London are 95 golf courses, 2,000 tennis courts, seven ice rinks, and six race courses. London has no known founder, although historic record points to King Lud of Ludgate Hill fame. Shortly after the Roman conquest of 43 AD, invaders realized the strategic significance of the river Thames running through the flat, fertile mainland. The Norman invasion of 1066 was marked by construction of the mighty Tower of London, located to protect London Bridge from raiders coming upstream. As throughout Europe, London was hard hit by the Bubonic Plague known as the Black Death, which wiped out a third of its population in 1348-49. Yet the population tripled under the Tudors, and by 1700, it had passed a half million, ranking with Paris and Naples as one of Europe’s three largest cities. When Edward VII ascended the throne in 1901, London was the largest city in the world, and it remains Europe’s largest.

Below is a list of some suggested things to do in the London Metropolitan Area, with links to more details when available.

Bank of England MuseumAlso known as the “Old Lady of Threadneedle Street Museum,” the Bank of England Museum tracks the bank’s history from 1694 to its current role as the nation’s central bank. Gold bars date from ancient times, and pikes and muskets used to defend the bank are also on display. History includes a mob attack on the Bank during the Gordon riots in 1780, and the introduction of paper money in 1797. Some documents relate to well-known customers including George Washington and the Duchess of Marlborough. In March, 2003, the museum welcomed its one-millionth visitor.Threadneedle Street. (020) 7601-5545

Banqueting HouseFamed for its Rubens ceiling paintings, the Banqueting House (the only remaining part of the Palace of Whitehall) was designed by Inigo Jones and commissioned by James I in 1619.Whitehall, SW1. (020) 7930-4179

Renting London Apartments on Vacation

March 24th, 2022

As Europe’s largest city, London is home to over eight million people. The country spans over a staggering 620 km starting from River Thames. London is credited for being the most diverse and multicultural metropolises in the entire world. Because of its rich historical heritage and world famous landmarks London is the top ranked vacation hotspot within the country.

The fact that London has experienced a massive boost in its tourism industry has caused the government to take serious initiatives for developing the historical landmarks, major tourist attractions as well as the hospitality industry. A large number of museums and art galleries have undergone renovation and are now counted amongst the world class ones. The same can be said about the various London accommodation options which have been developed to world class standards.

With so much to explore people visiting London often spend a couple of weeks on their vacation. It has been observed that London serviced apartments are the ideal accommodation options for people looking to visit London on extended stays. The wide variety of vacation rental apartments that you will be able to find in the region has something to fit every budget.

In order to provide visitors with maximum convenience the bulk of these apartments for rent are situated close to the most visited sites in London. The locals know how costly it is to plan out a vacation in London. Keeping this in mind they have set up serviced apartments to be let out for the cheapest possible rate. Mind you, cheap in London is not the same as cheap in China. But nonetheless it doesn’t get much cheaper than the budget serviced apartments in London.

Another factor that will contribute to bringing your overall costs lower is the close proximity of the apartment building to the tourist attractions that you would want to visit. This is because you will not have to spend a lot on transport which can be quite expensive as well.

It is however important to carefully consider the various London apartments you have available to you in the city. Let not the low price be the only deciding factor when it comes to choosing a suitable accommodation for your stay. Yes of course location is also important but you also need to make sure that the apartment facilitates you properly. You wouldn’t want to spend your time in London in a cramped up dirty place. This is why you should try and get as much information as possible about the particular serviced apartment that catches your interest prior to making a booking. It is a good idea to look into the photos of the serviced units and read reviews to gauge the quality of the services that they have to offer.

Furthermore you have the chance to make your bookings in advance and avail bigger discounts using online booking agencies. This will help you to make the most of your next visit to the wondrous city of London.